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Strivr is a web application that helps you schedule, document, track and record the  status of important processes and tasks. Our tool consolidates all processes, becoming your source of truth, and creating a reliable audit trail.

Svea Bank – a Digital Banking first solution for entrepreneurs and SMB's

Svea Bank is a newly launched bank focused on helping entrepreneurs and small business owners by providing them with an easy digital banking service and financing solutions that allows them to grow and expand their business. To understand Svea Banks’ challenges and how they solve them, we took a moment to sit down with Jeanette Kangur, Head of Operations, and Fredrik Widlund, Head of Clearing & Settlement.

Keeping track with spreadsheets and whiteboards

Svea Banks handles a wide range of tasks and processes on an everyday basis, for departments such as Clearing and Settlement, Business Control, Credits, Factoring, and Anti-Money Laundering. To keep track of all recurring deadlines and tasks that need to be done every day, the teams used checklists, whiteboards, and calendar reminders which is, still to this day, the industry standard for keeping track of processes within Financial Services operations.

However, this was not the most transparent nor the easiest way of keeping track of their business, and as the information was scattered in multiple systems and folders the team had to spend a lot of time searching for the right information and getting an overview of their current operational status was very difficult.

Strivr became the hub for all process information

To support the operation teams at Svea Bank, they implemented Strivr, and use it daily as a dashboard for all tasks and processes. All information from checklists, whiteboards, calendars, and work descriptions are now consolidated in Strivr, which has become the hub for all process information.

“We wanted Strivr to be a tool the teams use daily and reduce the pressure on the staff. For example, ‘where can I help?’, as everyone easily can see in Strivr what they can do to relieve the workload for their colleagues and other teams”, explains Jeanette.

Svea’s Clearing & Settlement team has multiple important deadlines every day and another reason why Jeanette chose Strivr over other solutions was the fact that Strivr offers the functionality to send both emails and text messages before an upcoming deadline or as a receipt when a critical task is completed.

Creating headspace

It is common that many operations teams have multiple tasks going on at once. Just remembering what to do puts a lot of strain on your staff whether it be sending an e-mail at a specific deadline or making sure the settlement instructions are uploaded and matched in time.

Fredrik explains that “Strivr helps us remember everything, we have a lot of critical processes and Strivr allows us to focus on getting the work done rather than putting our effort into remembering what to do, which gives us more headspace. This results in that our team can give our clients a better service, and more freedom for our staff”.

Strivr is an integral part of everyday operations

Today it is an integral part of Svea Banks operations and used by several teams.
“For me as responsible for all Operations, Strivr gives me great comfort and clarity in that I can be certain that all our tasks and deadlines for the day are complete. The teams can in real-time signal when they start a task and then take the responsibility to complete it”, says Jeanette.

For Fredrik and his Clearing & Settlement team, the key benefits are “that they can always see what they need to do during the day. It provides more clarity, transparency, and control of our operations. And with Strivr it becomes easy to share knowledge and gather information so that I do not have to look through different systems or files to find what I am looking for. The overall efficiency of our operations has greatly improved.”

What is next?

So, what is next for Svea Bank in Strivr, is there anything missing in Strivr? For Jeanette, it is important to provide feedback and increase motivation for her teams.
“Built-in rewards when tasks are finished, it could be ‘confetti’, and a sound when everything is completed!”. 🎉

Fredrik would like to be able to do more in Strivr and would like to have “an easy to-do-list, that way I can get rid of my post-it notes too”. Luckily for Jeanette and Fredrik, both requests are on our roadmap and we aim to deliver!


Strivr has helped Svea Bank create a one-stop-shop for all process related information. This has not only helped them save countless of hours but also improved Operations by having control in real-time and in the worst case scenario automated and flexible notifications for critical deadlines.

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