One dashboard for all your processes and tasks – made for Financial Operations

Strivr is designed to be as easy and intuitive as possible. Our Dashboard will provide you with a real-time overview of your teams in only a second.

Set up your processes and routines once and Strivr will automatically create a task for all upcoming activities and present them when it is scheduled.
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Turn your tasks into recurring processes and collect all your information, documentation, and routines in one streamlined workflow. Organize your processes without managing several different lists or documents and manage dependencies in a step-by-step structure.

• Create categories and tags to highlight your critical tasks
• Show your progress in real-time and work better together as a team
• Keep your routines up to date with our easy editable workflow


The core of Strivr is the recurring engine, set up a process once and it will appear in the Dashboard when it's due. Trade order cut-off on the fifth business day from month’s end or a daily reconciliation, it's all supported by Strivr.

• Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annual and one-time schedules
• Templates, for all processes not triggered at a specific deadline
• Business days, chose from the beginning or end of the period

Work Descriptions

Supercharge your teams by adding detailed work descriptions into your workflow. The descriptions can easily be viewed in the workflow and assist you in performing a process. Store the important things in one place!

• Formatted texts, bullet points, and images to handle descriptions
• Hyperlinks to your relevant documents or online resources for quick access
• Transparent and accessible for all users to help with knowledge sharing


Never miss a deadline with our smart notifications and escalation procedures. You can quickly set reminders to all recurring tasks with different rules or, use it to notify other teams and co-workers, even external parties when you are done.

• Be reminded Before, On, or After the deadline
• Escalate deadlines from you – to the team – to the manager
• E-mail, text messages or in-app notifications

Audit Trail

All activities are automatically stored in Strivr to provide you with a full Audit Trail of your processes. Use it to follow up incidents, improve your processes, or to provide evidence in an audit.

• Sign-off with name and time stamp on completion of a process
• Easy reports of Audit Trail including activity, comments, and dates
• Automated reports such as missed deadlines on a daily or weekly basis


Connect your systems and workflows directly into Strivr with our API. With the API you can automatically update processes in Strivr from other systems.

• Visualize and notify your team when automated processes are done
• Change status, add comments and log a user without manual input
• Streamline management of process dependencies

Make Strivr your hub for all process information

Combining your checklists, reminders, work descriptions, and sign-offs in a single platform with a visualized workflow.

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