Strivr keeps all your processes in one place

We know the importance of doing the right thing at the right time. Make sure you and your team always stay one step ahead. Consolidate everything you need in one place, and never again miss out on information or a deadline.

Get an operational overview, all the time

Increase your operational overview and internal control with Strivr. The Dashboard provides you with a real-time overview of your progress and status.

- Detailed overview. Drill down from a company-wide view to a specific business unit, team or custom tag
- Create your own personalized dashboard to see only what is important to you
- Integrated alert system. Every single task can get its own escalation procedure

Minimize errors and remove staff dependencies

By keeping all information in Strivr, your team will see what they need to do next and how to do it. Become a knowledge sharing team and remove staff dependencies..

- Easy view of daily tasks and processes with completion check
- Detailed work descriptions for each task and process
- Readily accessible information in an integrated cloud solution

Increase your internal control

While working in the user-friendly Strivr Dashboard, you will automatically create an evidence and audit trail. Use these for audits and regulatory visits - without adding an additional management system.

- All signoffs are stored digitally and easily accessible
- Standard and customized reports to follow-up on your operations
- Full csv-export with all data needed to create your own KPI’s and reports

Integrate & Automate

Connect your systems and workflows directly into Strivr with our API. With the API you can automatically update Strivr from your other systems and make your administrative even more efficient. Make Strivr the hub for all your process information – past, present and future.

- Change status, add comments and log the user without manual updates
- Visualize and automatically notify your team when automated processes and systems are updated
- Streamline management of process dependencies

Download guide

With Strivr as your process hub, you will onboard new staff quicker and better, remove staff dependencies, and minimize the risk of missing deadlines or making errors.

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