How Five Minutes of Attention Could Make All The Difference

Topics of reward satisfaction and recognition within work environments have been circling since 1960. While most have thought along the lines of financial rewards, the real deal stayed hidden for another few decades. Amongst compensation and benefits, was the element of recognition, the most missed piece within organisations.

Embrace the new future of work by boosting confidence

The key focus of recognition is the acknowledgement and appreciation of team members for their efforts on both big and small projects or tasks. The benefits of being valued within the workplace are higher self-esteem followed by increased confidence, the ability to take on new challenges and cutting-edge approaches to the way of working. 

So in the opposite scenario, if the employees merely grasp for signs of appreciation, both promotion and motivation seem to be drifting further and further away. Even though receiving a bottle of champagne might brush softly on the craving for recognition, the real satisfaction comes from the union of many forms such as an email of appreciation, a comment during the team meeting, a company award or an extra project to work on.


The meaning of recognition

The reasons for wanting recognition do not end at motivation and promotion. For some, it ensures satisfaction and stability within the company, for others, it provides personal fulfilment. Whatever the reason – it’s reasonable and completely natural. In any environment, performance acknowledgement only brings positive results. So here are 3 ways how you can lead mindfully starting now. 

Give them a crown

Public acknowledgement is a great way of making someone feel valued and appreciated. It’s free, it’s rewarding and it boosts motivation. A simple email or a chat during a team meeting with quick updates about the positive outcomes of your team’s projects can go a long way. Don’t be shy to blast positive feedback in front of the rest of the team!


Create structure

Have a structure in place with which you can easily track tasks completed. While it’s easier to notice errors, make sure you pay attention to all the small tasks your team is completing daily. It’s much easier to acknowledge a superstar when you have all the information about their daily successes right in front of you. Moreover, it becomes extremely easy to share it with others, too!


Lead by example

Be what you wish to see in others. Make sure you notice all the good job your employees are doing and express it. It will help build relationships with your colleagues, and create a super open work environment where positive feedback is encouraged. Publicly acknowledging even the smallest details will inspire others to do the same. Get everyone involved on the peer-to-peer recognition!


Showcase your success with Strivr

Strivr is a custom-built process management solution for the Financial Services Industry. It enables users to showcase their work as the tool helps to track, prioritise and oversee business-critical recurring processes within their Operations and Administrative Teams. 

The solution is proven to increase healthier work relationships, control and oversight of these tasks, in turn mitigating risk, reducing errors and increasing compliance

Strivr details when the process needs to be completed, by whom and its priority level – alongside how to perform the task all in one window. In the main workspace, you can easily retrieve, verify and sign off the status of any process or task in real-time, from any location and on any device.

The best thing? There is no big implementation project – it’s a secure online platform, that is simple to use, and gives you a full audit trail.

Each and every client we work with has explained that their Operational Resilience has increased thanks to Strivr.

If you’re interested, you can book a free 15-minute consultation with us here.


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