Customer Stories

Learn about how our customers use Strivr to save time and work more efficiently.

ISEC Group

“The fact that we can replace physical sign-offs with electronic sign-off means that we save a lot of time during the audits and in our daily tasks.”

Carnegie Fonder

With Strivr Carnegie Fonder can consolidate all their oversight of outsourced and inhouse operations. Keeping track of processes, controls, approvals and everything needed to stay on top of their operations.

Enter Fonder

“Before incorporating Strivr into our business, we were, as most companies, using to-do lists in separate spreadsheets which later were printed and signed. As you can imagine, this was both very time and energy-consuming. "

FCG Fonder

“We knew we need a tool to help us make our processes efficient and streamlined as we are growing in a high pace. We chose Strivr due to the minimal effort and cost required to implement it. Strivr quickly became a part of our process improvement initiative.”