Carnegie Fonder

How Swedish fund manager Carnegie replaced outdated tools and streamlined their Middle-Office Operations with Strivr in only two days.

“With Strivr, we easily transferred the information and could incorporate the tool into our daily work straight away. We didn’t know that we needed Strivr until we started using it!”. – David Östman, Risk and Business Analyst

Fast Growing with Control and Quality.

Carnegie Fonder is one of the largest independent fund companies in Sweden – managing assets of about EUR 9 billion. We met up with David Östman (Risk and Business Analyst), to discuss the implementation of Strivr for their middle office team.

Carnegie Fonder has a set-up that is common for most fund companies with multiple administrators, custodians, prime brokers, internal and external auditors. On top of that, they also have many in-house activities being performed by their Middle office Team.

Before Strivr they used many tools to keep track of their Operations. All processes ranging from Oversight activities such as confirmation of valuations or Middle Office activities such as Investment Limits were tracked in spreadsheets complemented by Outlook reminders and staff had to find the work descriptions in manual Word documents.

Smooth onboarding

Carnegie Fonder was looking for a tool to replace the scattered setup into a single platform with the possibility of getting real-time status of all activities as well as an audit trail so it could be used during audits and for signoffs. Strivr helped onboard the team at Carnegie Fonder to ensure work could be streamlined. While the set-up does require some time, the middle office team was working in the tool within two days.

Today, Carnegie Fonder has all of its middle office processes and activities in Strivr. With Strivr they can consolidate all their oversight of outsourced and in-house operations. Keeping track of processes, controls, approvals, and everything needed to stay on top of their operations.

Thanks to the audit trail and reporting capabilities of Strivr they can easily follow-up and send evidence of signoffs of controls, tasks, and processes to internal and external stakeholders.

An invaluable tool for the Carnegie team

“Before using Strivr, we compiled all important activities, ranging from compliance checks to yearly reporting, in Excel sheets. It was hard to keep track of our work across all employees and make sure we were on top of our work.”

Strivr is today an integral part of their operations, and the focus is on getting the job done, not remembering who, when, what, or how to perform a task or process.

Building Strivr together with our customers

For us at Strivr, it is central to understand the pain points of each client and provide them with the right tools to handle their businesses more efficiently. By working with David at Carnegie Fonder, we saw the great value Strivr brings to different companies across various industries.

It helps us make a better product. We are constantly improving and growing our tool, by adding features and support the processes our clients seek.


With Strivr, Carnegie Fonder managed to replace many different tools, not only saving hours, reducing mistakes but also gaining Operational Resilience. Keeping track of an ever growing product portfolio and steadily rising AuM all while staying in control is not longer a time-consuming job.

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