A one-stop-shop for all your processes

Envision your day-to-day work processes. It’s A LOT if you don’t have a plan. And sometimes, even if you do have a sound plan, it doesn’t always come about the way you imagined. Whether it’s an unexpected error, miscommunication, or a long wait for approval – chaos never seems to leave your side.

Despite the efforts to use various task management tools and organise your day efficiently – errors still happen and information gets lost. This is where Strivr, a process hub with a real-time overview, comes in. As many of our clients say “This is exactly the tool we’ve been looking for”.





Strivr is one centralised place which helps to track your processes and reduce daily chaos by streamlining all your tasks in one workflow. When you create, automate and operate efficiently, it becomes easy to ensure operational resilience. Instead of putting out fires, you can focus on monitoring and growing your business. 

Strivr is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate to achieve operational excellence. It enhances your productivity, ability to focus and overall headspace day-to-day.


The modern way of working


One-stop-shop for all your recurring processes


Your dashboard will be easy to navigate, with an ‘umbrella’ process for each group of sub-processes. Here’s what it could look like. 


The core of Strivr is the recurring engine, meaning that you can set up a Process or Control once – and it will appear in the Dashboard when it’s due. Forget annoying deadlines popping up on the weekends or Christmas mornings – Strivr will make sure that you’ll be at your desk when they come up. 

Access information comfortably


Supercharge your teams by adding detailed work descriptions into your workflow. The descriptions automatically show up in the workflow and assist you when in need.


Stay informed effortlessly


Never miss a deadline with our smart notifications and escalation procedures. You can quickly set reminders to all recurring tasks with different rules or, use it to:

Free up your time


Use a template for often deployed processes and reuse them as much as you want. Make repetitive and messy tasks rewarding.


It’s really that easy


Forget triple checking. Forget managing key staff dependencies and lack of contingency plans. Forget cherry-picking. 

Schedule, document, track and record the status of important processes. See it all in one place. Sit back and focus on what’s critical for you. 

About Strivr


Strivr is a custom-built process management solution for the Financial Services Industry. It enables users to showcase their work as the tool helps to track, prioritize and oversee business-critical recurring processes within their operations and administrative teams.

The solution is proven to increase control and oversight of these tasks while mitigating risk, reducing errors, increasing compliance and ultimately fostering healthier work relationships.

Strivr highlights when the process needs to be completed, by whom and its priority level – while detailing how to perform the task all in one window. In the main workspace, you can easily retrieve, verify and sign off on the status of any process or task in real-time.

The best thing? It doesn’t require a big implementation project – it’s a secure online platform that is simple to use, and gives you a full audit trail.

Every client we work with has confirmed that their Operational Resilience has increased thanks to Strivr.

If you’re interested, you can book a free 15-minute consultation with us here.

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