A look into Financial Operations during the pandemic

A look into Financial Operations during the pandemic

Even in a pre-pandemic world, it wasn’t easy keeping up with all the recurring processes that must be executed daily for a financial operations team. Chasing progress updates requires active communication by talking to people, chatting on Teams, Slack, email, and phone calls which is time-consuming and a familiar cause of headache.

The last few years have proved to be even more challenging for financial operations teams due to the pandemic, as organizations quickly had to adapt to and get used to working from home to a greater extent and keep doing business as usual. As you all know, remote work or WFH (whatever you like to call it) is now becoming a norm.

So in order to give all of our heroes in financial operations some inspiration to keep on trucking from the home office, we surveyed a few of our power users to understand what their main challenges in working from home are and how they solve them.

What challenges are Financial Operations teams facing right now?

One common theme we heard from our finance operations users is that communication in and between teams has suffered the most compared to the old days when you sat next to each other. For example, not being able to demonstrate new things face to face or communicating between different groups and making sure that everyone involved receives new information.

Following that, scheduling and assigning of tasks have become a challenge, which was not needed in the same way when everyone worked from the same office and could communicate directly with each other.

Altogether, this has forced our users to rethink their way of working and communicating to be fully digital, which has been described as both a personal and organizational challenge. In order to become more digital, our users have, in addition to Strivr, been using several different tools such as Microsoft Teams (which is the most common setup), Zoom, Slack, Skype, and SharePoint, which all are used primarily for digital communication and file sharing and storage.

Keeping the wheels of Financial Operations rolling

Apart from this, we were of course very eager to hear how Strivr has been of value for them when working from home.

One user highlights the visibility and overview that the platform gives them and says that “Strivr has always helped with work from home as you get a better view of the workflow and can easily see what needs to be done as you get a good overview of your day. Strivr has also been of great value in the way that you can easily follow what your coworkers are doing even though you are not sitting next to each other. 😊

Additionally, another user mentioned managing the risk of missing things “Strivr has helped to make sure that we don’t miss anything as the communication became less efficient.”

Lastly, our lovely user said something short and sweet about team management: “Strivr has helped us to keep track of who does what, and that everything gets done!”

A walk in the park

Lastly, we want to finish with some wise words from one of our superusers, who by the way only had this to say regarding our questions on WFH challenges and solutions. Sometimes the easy way is the best way:

“As long as you take a refreshing walk during the day (lunch or evening), working from home goes fine.”

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