Operations hub for Recurring Processes

Strivr is designed for Financial Operations teams to gain real-time overview and help you plan, execute and automatically generate evidence for all your processes.

The dashboard of Operations Hub Strivr

Increase operational excellence with Strivr

 Stay in control by consolidating and monitoring all your operations in one hub.

Strivr for recurring processes

Gain operational overview in real-time

See the complete real-time overview of your entire operations in only one second. Facilitate remote and cross-border teams by setting up a recurring process once and it will appear when it’s due. Read more here.

Designed for recurring processes

Strivr is an operations hub designed to serve financial operations teams. Set up recurring processes with integrated work descriptions and flexible notification system to stay in control at all times. Never miss a single task again and reduce your operational risk. Read how Strivr is different from project management tools. 

Strivr progress overview
Audit trail

Your tool to ensure compliance

Strivr automatically generates a full Audit Trail of all operations carried out in the platform by saving digital sign-offs without any manual administration. Extract it in a form of excel sheet or a document at any time and use it to follow up on incidents or improve your processes.

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