The only tool for managing recurring tasks and processes

Are you spending too much time chasing progress reports and trying to get an overview to understand where you and your team are at?

Gain real-time overview in just one second with Strivr. Designed for Financial Operations teams to help you plan, execute and automatically generate evidence for all your processes.

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The easy way to Operational Resilience

Our clients know the importance of keeping their administration in order.

By consolidating all process-related information in one tool they stay in control, all the time.

Operational Overview in real-time

See the big picture of your entire operations and facilitate remote and cross-border teams, or focus your attention on a specific team or process, so that you always can put your resources where they are needed the most at any given time.

With Strivr, you get a complete real-time overview of your operations in only one second, no matter if your team are working from the office or from home.
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Operational Excellence and Quality Assurance

We understand the complexity of business processes and recurring tasks, and how important it is to keep everything documented and up to date. With Strivr, you will finally have all your process information along with your current tasks in one view.

Integrated work descriptions make sure that everyone knows how to perform the processes and tasks, minimizing the risk of making mistakes, and the flexible notification system guarantees that you will never miss a single task, thereby reducing your operational risk.
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Internal Audit, Accessible and Relevant

Our clients not only save time when gathering information for internal and external audits, they also increase their internal audit ratings. A solid Audit Trail is vital when running a successful operations team in financial services.

Strivr automatically generates a full Audit Trail of all activities carried out in the platform. As your team works through their day, Strivr saves digital sign-offs of all activities without any additional manual administration. With our easy-to-use standardized reporting capabilities, you will be able to prove that all your critical processes and controls have been completed in just a few seconds.
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"With Strivr we can easily onboard staff, clients and scale up our operations without losing control."

—Simon Carlstedt, COO, FCG Fonder